Yipee, TV

Sort of. I spent $21 at Best Buy for an antennae and I now can get 3 channels!! For some reason, both Fox stations come in really well, but channel 3 and 6 are fuzzy, so there goes watching Jeopardy. Luckily, I can almost see Anna Nicole's garrish and horrible, tacky to the end funeral on an ET Extra Extra See All About It. Everyone appears to be kissing the casket, which is covered with white silk and pink roses. They have released 5,000 frightened white doves. Excruciating. Someone named Mo is digging the grave now and the mom is helping out. I believe she is wearing white Reeboks with her black dress. You can see the forced tears and dollar signs in all of their eyes. I also stopped into the $1 store, not expecting to find anything but fake flowers, but instead, I was able to purchase 6 necessary objects--glass cleaner, non-animal tested soap, a laundry bag, aspirin, measuring spoons and cups. I love that kind of thing. And best, best of all--Celia arranged to get my friends at work to pool their money together to get me a $70 gift card from IKEA. Can you believe it?? It's a dream come true! It makes me want to hg everyone in sight. I am very lucky. I can't decide if I should buy some of the smaller items that I need (wine glass hanger, rugs, step stool for the kitchen) or if I should buy one big item like a coffee or kitchen table. It is very nice to have these options.

In other consumer news, I broke down and bought the Sims II Seasons for no real logical reason--I pretty much never play Sims anymore because it takes too much time to load and because I don't play it in a fun way--it's stressful. Still, I bought it and played last night with a family where the wife is a plant person and the baby is one as well. Isn't that exciting?

What's weird about living alone is that I still feel like I have to still be quiet--I don't hear any of my neighbors and am tiptoeing around like I am an illegal alien (as are many of my neighbors). Ernesto is very sad. He misses Emma Carol. I'm hoping I can get her back this weekend. Speaking of cats, a friend at work has two available. A black and white male kitten and a calico mommy (see previous post). If he doesn't find homes for them by Friday, he's taking them to the SPCA where they will instantly be put to death in the most inhumane way (I think they starve them to death). Please help!


Zena said…
what the?? i added my comment re: sleep. bag and it's not there. i wanna be noticed.

now, i am hooked on your blog, am
checking daily and will comment, if it shows up..

please add me--kay?
Aimee said…
Sorry! I don't know what happened with the previous comment. Sometimes this thing is wonky! I need to email you anyway or give you a call.
Liz said…
You know. You could go the unmoderated comment route like I did. Not that anyone leaves comments on my blog...but if they wanted to, it's now easier to do.

Um, where's Emma Carol?

I'm happy to take a trip to Ikea one of these days to help you make your big decision! That's really sweet of the people at work to do...I love when someone restores my faith in mankind with one small act of niceness.
Aimee said…
How about this weekend? Saturday? Emma Carol is with Shawn, temporarily.