Rubbing elbows with the elite

Day 2 at Montauk
Words written: 8,000
Usable words written: Unknown

I walked to town yesterday, a thirty minute walk that seems fine for the first 15 minutes and hellish the last, particularly on the way home.

I passed a man on the road back, and he goes, Oh, you went in the water? I said, No, I'm just sweating to death. We both laughed uncomfortably and then kept walking in opposite directions.

This is not the actual burger, but a representation
Looked for a coffee shop to write in but the Left Shoe Coffee Emporium (not its real name) was loud and had only one table, and coffee drinks started at $5. I ended up going to a place with an awning that read "organic food" but I ordered a hamburger with cheddar cheese and was not clear on whether I was eating an actual hamburger or a tofu burger. It was delicious.

Did a little reading and writing there, but again, it wasn't a place for writing--it's a beach town filled with East Hamptonites, and they just want to relax and get sunburned. I sat across from a woman wearing a low cut black bathing suit with her skin bright red and wondered if she would go back out into the sun despite her burn. I assume everyone around here comes from money and so I was admiring her arched eyebrows because I imagined she had them done at Elizabeth Arden in Manhattan.

Chap is the least popular guest here because he barks and scrambles around and has tried to attack the other dog, a 12-year old Wheaten with a sweet, drooping face and arthritic limbs. He's unsure about why we're here and keeps looking at me like, Leaving soon? We need a routine and we need flea spray if anyone wants to send some along.