Day 11: Are you tired of this yet?

Words written: 4,190
Librarians met: 3

Woke up this morning to the sound of someone hedge clipping and mowing the grass. Chap seemed recovered from whatever it was that bothered his stomach the night before.  I wrote a little bit outside, but all I could think about was how much I want to shave my legs. We have stand up showers here, so it would require some limberness I do not possess. The only other time I've gone this long without shaving was when I was in a play called The Bacchae, cast as one of the wild women onstage. The director instructed all the women to give up shaving, so that we might feel more animalistic. If I recall correctly (which I probably don't), I believe in the end, we eat a lot of men or go into some other frenzy.

Raluca hurt her foot, so I rode the bike to the library by myself.  I like how when you're speeding down the hill, all you hear is the wind in your ears, but if you turn your head, it's quieter, and you can test if there is a car bearing down on you. The library was less fruitful than usual; only did about 2,000 words and kept stopping to read On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan and a few pages of Stephen King's Carrie. I had forgotten that he weaves the narrative in with scholarly journal articles about telekinesis. I wondered then if I should see what happens if I take on some of the voices of the other characters, but haven't yet done that. I have until the end of this week, and then I really need to read what I have written so far. Am also reading two books by surgeons about their experiences in the OR, and it weakens one's faith in the medical field, because though we have made great strides, nobody seems to really know what's going on until you're cut open, and then, it's mass chaos because everyone bleeds so much. They call certain bleeds "whistlers" because they make a whistling sound when they're gushing.

This a treat a bought for $11.41. It has acai berries in it, and I am not sure what those are.

This is a note I found on the butcher block table today, an offering of nearly overripe bananas which later became delicious smoothies.

This is Chap exhausted from a day of chasing Carson, plus he got a bath in the sink.