Day 4, Fourth of July

Words written today: 4,008
Pop Tarts eaten: 0
Times I've check the Post or NYT: 0
What is Trump up to?

A tick landed on my leg today, and crawled up it at a fast pace, seeking heat. They look like little crab spiders. I flicked it off and then scratched my head. It feels like both Chap and I are covered in them. I read the flyer about Lime's disease so I can be prepared.

Did the same thing today--wrote in my notebook and then typed up what I wrote. The main character developed a physical limp today, in direct contrast to her need to run. I guess that scene is there because I thought she needed some physical weakness related to the body since so much of the story is about body parts. It may not hold. I am adding all of this medical stuff in that I didn't bother to Google, like someone suggesting that the limp could be fixed if doctors re-broker her leg and let it heal properly (I also gave her a childhood tumble from the jungle gym and a negligent mother who didn't take her back to the doctor for regular check ups). It is volume this week, and then next week, I have to get serious about content.

Started re-reading A Catcher in the Rye last night because it's a first-person narrator and I wanted to remind myself how Salinger keeps the story in scene and what a strong voice is like. Having not read the book in years, I had forgotten how deeply in trouble Holden is--he's being kicked out of his fourth school, he lost the fencing team's equipment on the subway, his roommate took out a girl her really likes, he hasn't really dealt with the death of his brother---lots of things going wrong at one time, which reminds me that I have to think about how much time will pass in this story and where we are exactly in this character's life and why I would tell this part of her story as opposed to some other part.

Two other things to note: I mostly don't know why time it is because there are so few clocks here. Second thing: I'm used to looking at myself in the mirror at home, to check out an outfit or see if  I am in need of a shower, but there are only mirrors in the bathroom here, so I not only don't know when I am, I also don't know who I am half the time (since it's what's on the outside that matters most, obviously...).

This is a piece of art I like that someone left behind and it is just part of the landscape.