Day 17 on 7/17/2017

Words written: 5,000+
Cakes baked: 1

Why is it that even in this heat, Chap must lie pressed next to me, radiating. He's not eating like he should. I hear his stomach growl and he forages for food when we go for walks. I've tried cheese, and turkey and sprinkles of Parmesan, and yet he waits until he's starved at 9 p.m. to devour the food.

Wrote in the morning, and there's one scene I like where she's leaving behind an engagement ring and then trashing the house. Printed up my other pages from last week, but find it overwhelming to read them just yet. I'm up to 97 pages single spaced, and worry that only a fraction are getting me anywhere. At the end of this month, I'll need to have it in some chronological order so that I can get feedback from a reader. Feel free to volunteer. In the afternoon, we rode again the library and later, I came back to the house to read stories from a 2015 issue of Story Quarterly. One weird and funny story that's basically recounting the 1976 movie starring a young John Travolta called The Boy in the Plastic Bubble. I remember watching that movie, but not how I felt about it.

Here is a layered cake I made from ingredients Ilse brought back from Whole Foods. 

This is how Chap feels about my writing. 

This is Raluca holding up a copy of a romance novel that was on the free shelf at the library. If all else fails, I can write about governesses with heaving bosoms. 


Anonymous said…
How does keep on keeping on sound? Almost overwhelmed. But, Aim your whole life and education has been for what you are doing now. You are ready, brilliant, and you put
together killer sentences. I would devote today to praying for your efforts to please
your writerly sensibilities, but you might not want me to do that for various reasons,
I have enormous confidence in you, well-placed. as well you have the best temperature
of my entire Weather App. Love you more than there are stars in the universe, Mom