Day 16: Countdown to Lyme's disease diagnosis

Words written: 4,478
Other residencies applied for: 1 in Vermont for two weeks.

Better writing day, possibly because I took time off yesterday. Basically what I did was opened up Josh Ferris' book about the dentist and revised the first line and then wrote a few scenes trying to nail down voice. I guess I'll go ahead and write the entire book as the shadow image of his except for mine's about a transplant coordinator who's depressed. He's such a good writer, and he makes it seems easy. For this reason and because he's about ten years younger than me and has been published in The New Yorker umpteen times, I despise him. Well, and also because I read an interview about a story he wrote entirely on the phone because he wanted a challenge. It would take me fifteen years to write a story on my phone, and I'm not in the place where I have to find new and inventive ways to challenge myself. Getting to the page every day is enough of a challenge. I read a quote recently from Jack London that I like: “You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.”  That's what I'm doing--clubbing away at it every day. 

This is my gorgeous leg at the crook of the knee and the reddish spot is where I pulled a tick off.

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