Day 25: Last Tuesday

Words written: 4,118
Number of Google searches using "organ donation": 50

It can always be the last something. Today is the last Tuesday. Yesterday was the last Monday. Tomorrow...

Here is how the day goes: I wake up at about 9 a.m. (or later, be honest). I brush my teeth and put in my contacts. I make coffee. I walk the dog. He poops. I feed .the dog, adding ham or some other meat as incentive. He either eats it or doesn't. I get my notebook and I sit outside with coffee and breakfast (banana, yogurt). I journal and that leads to some scenes. Carson shows up around 11 a.m. and she and Chap make fast circles around the yard. I drink more coffee. I write lists of scenes to work on at the library. I eat a cupcake (I am the only one eating cupcakes). Around lunchtime, Raluca comes down and we get on our bikes and ride into town. She wears a helmet. I do not. In town, we coast over to Left Hand Coffee Shop and order a $6 dirty chai or something like it. We sit for a while and then either walk or ride to the library, where I hope to get the carrel I like. Today, the librarian told me I couldn't have coffee in the carrel, even though I've had it with me every morning. I said okay and mostly obeyed. I open up 750 and start writing. If I get stuck, I go to the writing in the notebook or I grab books off the shelf. This afternoon, I picked out Charles Baxter's Feast of Love because it's told in the first person present tense. I also took Lorrie Moore's Who Will Run the Frog Hospital, a book by Meg Cabot, and Denis Johnson's Jesus' Son, because it includes the story "Emergency" which I love and which is set in an ER. I write and pause and I read and I write and pause and then I Google "pancreas" or "intestines" or "how did Denis Johnson die?" (cancer). I do this for about three hours, until I reach the word count. After one hour, the computer reminds me every fifteen minutes that it has granted me an extension. 

We leave the library are 5 p.m. and ride home. The ride back is harder, because the hills are steeper. I get home, walk the dog, eat something, and then read or go over the writing and blog. That's been the pattern most days.