Day 26: Please send chapstick for Chap

Words written: 4,884
Level of disgust at Trump: Code Red

I was going to take today off because it felt like I needed to rest or think or read or something, but I wrote a few pages by hand, and then around 3 p.m., I decided, okay, fine, just do the word count; you'll feel better. I did the word count and then typed up the other words from the day and got to almost 5,000. We are all doubting ourselves, wondering if our work will amount to anything.

The best part of my day was taking a shower in the outdoor shower stall. It's a large square built out in the back yard, and has a place for shampoo, and you can move around, meaning you're not confined to a stand up shower where you keep grazing the edge of the shower curtain and having it stick to you. Plus, the rug in the bathroom has developed black spots of mold, like its dying. Outside, it was sunny and breezy and I only had a slight moment of paranoia, worried that someone was filming me.

Mookie and Chap. Chap is all head here. 

The two dogs worshiping Ilse.