Day 8: Rummage sale

Words written: 4, 093
Unnecessary items bought, none of which were Prada: 7
Dog collars delivered: 1 for $84

Before you judge too much about me buying a flea and tick collar for nearly one-hundred dollars, note that the actual collar was like $62 and it was the best rated on Amazon, and then I paid and extra $22 to have it delivered to the house in one day. The ticks here are no joke, and I had to get something for Chap because I felt like every frolic in the grass was compromising him. We all took a ride into town today to go the church rummage sale. Since we're in Montauk and near the Hamptons, I figured many things would be high end.  They were not. It was an ordinary sale. Well, I got one Juicy Couture shirt for $10, but everything else was ordinary. I also bought a pair of navy shorts, a Montauk sweatshirt, a black linen shirt, two necklaces for $2 each, and the Simpsons version of the game Clue for us to play at some point. 

Next, back to the library where I was able to check out four books (Dolores Claiborne, Ordinary People, Saturday, and The Virgin Suicudes). I am self-conscious about liking Stephen King, but the man can write in scene, and he can build suspense. You turn to any page in one of his books, and something is happening that requires you to keep reading. Also, Dolores Claiborne is told in first person, so that's helpful for what I'm trying to write. Saturday I like because it's one day in the life of a neurosurgeon, and there are these detailed scenes in the hospital, and the writing is beautiful. Ordinary People I haven't read, but it's about a grief after the death of a sibling and my story is becoming more and more about that aspect of the character's life. I wrote about 2,800 words, came home and got in another 500 and just now finished the rest. 

We went to the Hamptons to see the art galleries, and that was an experience--mostly, it was good people watching as we tried to puzzle out if there was anyone famous present while also wondering if anyone thought that maybe we were famous. The lady at the first gallery was very nice and she said that Edward Albee would come in sometimes and purchase the work of younger artists. He sounds like a very good man, and I'm sorry I never got to meet him. We went to this other show that was at a place called The Barn and it seemed to be filled with artists and actors wearing skinny jeans. 

On the way home, we decided to give each other new names, but I had trouble with mine. So far, we now have a Rachel, Jane, Sunset, and I forget what Michelle decided on--it was Rita then Magdelina, and finally, something else entirely, but I've forgotten what it is. 

Here is some art. My favorite artist was a guy named Todd Bienvenu, whose show is called. You can read about him here. This is painting I would buy if I had $7,000. It's called Hot Chick Picking Up Dog Shit, and it's after this dumb meme. His show is called Endless Bummer. 

Here is some more art and part of The Barn scene.