Day 14: Chap did not get to play with Carson

Words written: 4, 055
Words written to date: 57,272 (that's 92 pages single spaced)
Number of bird calls identified: 0

Tomorrow is the half-way point. We've been here now for two weeks. In that time, I've written 4,000+ words a day, starting on the first day. Of that 4,000+ words a day, I have no idea how much will work. This morning, I read the pages I wrote in November; about 54,000 words totally 84 pages. I will have to go back and delete all of the pages I wrote about her having inherited a baby from her dead sister, because that is no longer going to work. Also, it turns out that writing about babies is pretty boring, since they can't do much. Toddlers either. But I'll put those pages aside and maybe a short story will emerge focused on the boredom inherit in babies. Especially OPB (other people's babies). The reason I set the goal of 4,000 words a day is because it's double what you have to do for National Novel Writing Month, so I wanted to be sure I had lots of volume half way through, so that I could use the second half of the month to revise what exists and rewrite. I am scared to do that, but I think it's time because I wrote a pretty boring scene today involving the character buying a kid ice cream in the hospital cafeteria. I can go on and on and on like that, scene after scene of encounters, but it has to be pulled together at some point. Shannon, one of the writers here, mentioned the other day that she has a pet peeve about scenes where the characters are sitting around having coffee and all of the action involves them, like, sipping or blowing on their coffee. I realize I am having a lot of coffee scenes happening. Except with ice cream, which is simple wish projection.

This is the view from the toilet in the downstairs bathroom. Please note that I have been careful not to include the photographer in the mirror reflection. 

Art on the wall in the first floor bathroom.

My view from the bed every night. Chaplin on a blanket of made by Edward Albee patron.