Pres B. Obama is Copying Me

The White House now has a blog that you can find here. I am certain it won't be as entertaining as blogs with cat photos, cat references, updates about babies, blogs pinpointing the pitfalls of celebrities, with photos of dogs and other cute fuzzy creatures, but still, it might have some substance.

Here are some other things the new President has done in the last, oh, day and a half:

1. Started the process for closing Guantánamo Bay; the place where GW and all his evildoers have been torturing people in "classified" ways without having to answer to anyone.

2. Issued a salary freeze for top staff (those making $100,000 or more a year) in the White House as a measure to illustrate that he won't ask the American people to do anything that he wouldn't expect from himself or his WH employees.

3. Has begun identifying ways to withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan.

4. Put an end to gifts made by lobbyist and did some other stuff regarding lobbyists that I don't really feel like trying to explain here as I barely understand it myself, but basically, it's an attempt to dissolve the "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" backroom politics.

Am I turning political? I must quickly find some pop culture junk to fill my head like those white packing peanuts you use to ship rare china. But first, yet a another link, this one to an Onion article: "Obama Inauguration Speech Ruined by Incessant Jack-Hammering."