Oh, okay, so there's a link to my newest article in Philadelphia Stories. It's called ""What I Learned in Workshop Hell," and might only be interesting to other writers. There should be one posted in Maven soon, but I guess the editor is having a little trouble keeping up with the content as the last issue went out Dec. 15.

Here is a cute picture of me and my ho's when Jodie came to visit. Liz has pointed out that Jodie doesn't really look like that. She doesn't. I mean, this is a nice photo, but there's something in the way she's got her eye arranged that doesn't quite look right. I would be posting more photos (and do have some from that night that I can put up later), but my camera is busted. Some guy took a look at it for me and he said it needed a Flash card which doesn't make sense to me. It worked before, so why would it suddenly stop working? Nothing feel out of the camera, as far as I know. He said that the Flash cards are expensive so I should just go ahead and buy a new one. Bummer!


jodie said…
not quite right = shitfaced.