Songs to Listen to While You're Waiting for Something Big to Happen

I just like the title for a blog post. I don't actually have any songs in mind. Though there is a line from (possibly?) a Tom Petty song: "the waiting is the hardest part." What song/singer is that? Or, "Stop, oh, yes, wait a minute, Mister Postman." Or "I'll be waiting around/watching you drown..." or some such nonsense.

Had dinner last night at Farmacia and highly recommend it. It's owned or organized by the same peeps who run White Dog in West Philly. They bring around these little baskets filled with bread and offer them up to you. There was also a green apple as the centerpiece. At the end of the meal, I asked the waitress what the etiquette was for the apple. Were we meant to eat it? Had fifteen thousand people touched it before us and rubbed it all over their bodies. Well, yes, she said. Fifteen thousand people had already put their hands on it, but we were welcome to take it home, wash it thoroughly, and then eat it. I was a little disappointed, as it would have made a very nice dessert.