The Last Dregs of Christmas

My digital camera is officially broken. So sad! I suppose I could run out and buy another one, but I'm trying to save $ and not spend it (never mind that I dropped $50at H&M this weekend b/c they had a buy one/get one free sale). But I do have just a few photos left-over that I never posted. Most were taken the week of Christmas or thereabouts.

I like the balance and democracy of this photo. Who is most important: Santa, the Christmas tree, or the Snow Person? NO ONE. They are all equally meaningful or meaningless, depending on your point of view.

Oh, okay, this is my tiny yet obnoxious Christmas tree. The lights were added willy-nilly by Luke when they were visiting. The tree is still up because I like how it looks, especially with the woman in the Lempicka picture peering at you from behind it.

Sort of innocuous photo of Snow Person and star.

I like how ornate and Victorian this window is.

This photo shows a gigantic Santa about to leap to his death from a housing project. Mary and Joseph remain oblivious below.

I always had some trouble as a kid trying to reconcile how Santa and the Baby Jesus fit in together. Did they exist at the same time? Was one way earlier? Why was the weather so different in their respective worlds? Was Santa one of the Wise Men who then got fatter and moved North?

Yes, okay, you have the biggest wreath in town.

Henri, on the night before Christmas. Waiting most patiently for Santa to arrive and bring him what he's hoped for all year--the sudden disappearance of Emma Carol and Ernesto. He was disappointed.