Where did I leave my tool belt this time?

Shawn and I have become the kind of people who should wear their keys on their jeans. We actually went to Home Depot to buy shit yesterday. For the uninitiated, here's an array of the items you can purchase at HD: a spanking new toilet, Sponge Bob wallpaper, curtains, ugly Oriental rugs, shrubs, Martha Stewart's Living magazine, Diet Coke, candy bars, door knobs, doors, a mini saw, a chain saw, chain link fences, ceiling fans, sauna tubs, and flooring. I know this may not be surprising to everyone, but it was overwhelming to me. I couldn't believe we were standing in the aisle evaluating toilet seat lids. I mean, it's a toilet. Sometimes, I think it's better to have fewer options.

Then we went back to the house in Fishy-Fish town and proceeded to pull up nails and staples in the floor with the newly purchased nail and stapler tool and I went up to the big bedroom and ripped up the carpet in there. We discovered one part of the landing that was lined in newspaper from 1957. Newspaper that STILL smelled like cat pee, this many decades later.

Must run. Padhraig's in town and I have to show him my new bike.