Fame without fortune

Shawn has made it into the cover story for the latest version of Philadelphia Weekly with his brilliant urban planner knowledge. There's even a picture of him looking earnest and heartfelt in his beard.

Took the number 3 bus again today. Interesting mix of people on board, including an overweight woman with an oxygen tube up her nose, lugging the tank in a large white handbag. It's much more precarious to hold coffee on the bus than on the subway because the bus stops more suddenly, sending people swaying into one another. It's exciting that way.

In other news, just a minor complaint about what "kids-these-days" are wearing. Like, I think it's cool to be comfortable in your clothes. It beats the hell out of the clothes I wore in middle school--tight designer jeans (except I didn't have designer jeans), long sleeved shirts with lyrex sparkles, tons of hair spray and bangle bracelets, sweatshirts with "Relax, Don't Do It!" air-brushed across the front, pincy high heels. I don't wish for those fashion days to return (though they slowly are if you shop at H & M), but I also am a little offended by the college campus trend of wearing your p.j.s and/or work out clothes in public. Was behind this girl today who had on tight gray cotton leggings with a wide hem, a thin white t-shirt, and sneakers. She would've been fine if she were booking it to a weight-lifting class, but she wasn't. This is not okay:


Liz said…
Is that Shawn's last name? Can you write that phoentically for me...
Aimee said…

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