Remember Pizza Parties?

We're having one today for a student worker who is leaving---she's going off to law school at Drexel. I think the last time I went to a pizza party was maybe in tenth grade and it was probably with the church youth group I belonged to (for the sole purpose of trying to make Rob Dittmer fall in love with me. Didn't work). We didn't drink or smoke or swear so pizza and Jesus were all we had. Oh, and Christian rock (RD was in a Christian rock band that actually toured for awhile to a bunch of venues and churches). It seems like we were always having pizza parties in middle school--could it possibly have happened every Friday? No, I think it was more like something at the end of the year. Good Luck in 8th Grade Pizza Parties!! Reminds me of slumber parties which I never liked because there was always one hyper girl who tried to force everyone to stay awake all night long as though that were the coolest thing ever. And you had to play "Light as a Feather...Stiff as a Board" which never worked but creeped everybody out. Or "Bloody Mary," another creepy game where you go into a dark bathroom and spin around thirteen times repeating, I do not believe in Bloody Mary after each spin and then when you look in the mirror after the last time, you will see Bloody Mary's face looking back at you!

Shawn and I had a Scotch Party last night. We went to eat at Taste, the only byob in a 5 mile radius of Fishtown. We brought some beer, but then the owner, Billy, a very gregarious and friendly man, opened a bottle of Scotch and keep pouring us glasses. He explained too that you don't sip Scotch--you drink it like a shot. I'd estimate we had about 4-5 big shots of Scotch. Needless to say, neither one of us wants to smell alcohol ever ever again. I do recommend Taste, by the way. I do not recommend slumber parties or Scotch parties, however.