Let Freedom Fries Ring for White People!

Or "Happy Independence Day!" We're celebrating the 4th by watching the World Cup at Ludwig's. I think Germany is playing Bangladesh. We're rooting for Germany. It's interesting to watch a game that lasts ninety plus minutes and where usually only one or two goals are scored the entire time. Is it rude for me to finish my book in the bar? Because I'm reading Wally Lamb's She's Come Undone after having finished his later book last week, I Know This Much is True. I didn't think I'd like either book that much as they have Oprah's stamp of approval and god knows I'm snotty about that kind of stuff, but they've both been enjoyable reads. Would've been even better if I'd been able to read them while lying on the beach, but we're stuck here for the time being.

Carrie was telling us this story yesterday about how her friend Andy's girlfriend called him "common" because he wouldn't take a hard enough stance on Hegel or some other philosopher (I tried first to type "Kierkigaard" and then "Nietzche" but I obviously don't know how to spell either name). That's the kind of things academics break up over. Us regular folk struggle with things like trust and commitment and who will be in charge of the garbage. Could you imagine dating someone who didn't see anything wrong with saying your views are "common?" As if the masses have taken an uneducated stance on Hegel. As if you hear discussions about Hegel's philosoph all the time in line at the grocery store and they are just totally ill-informed.

More later....


Liz said…
I realize my views on literature are "common" but I love I Know This Much is True.
Aimee said…
I love it too. I'm now reading a book by Carol Shields and I also like her a lot even though it's sad because she died of cancer.

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