I Heart New Jersey

I appear to be in love with NJ. I've been to various parts of it 3 times in the last two weeks--last weekend for Tara's bridal shower, then Saturday for Julie and Danny's baby shower, and then yesterday to go to the ocean. It's really not a bad drive, but I'm done with it for the next two months, unless we stay over night.

Shawn bought a mantel remnant from Restore on Sunday and our friend Carrie was nice enough to drive us over to pick it up in her hot blue truck. The mantel is now situated in the lounge/record player room/parlor. We need help deciding what to put in the area where the fire would typically go. Here are five suggestions:

1. Of course, candles, but that's kind of cliche.

2. An aquarium but who knows where we'd find an aquarium that's two feet high by two inches wide and wouldn't the fish get stuck sideways? Shawn said, Hey, we can build our own aquarium. I said, You realize it has to be waterproof right? He said, We'll calk it shut. He dreams big.

3. Lite Brite or ant farm or puppet shadow theatre.

4. Bubbly water fountain thing.

5. Fake logs.

This is what it kind of resembles except is has absolutely none of this ornamentation and it's like $1,600 cheaper and made of chestnut instead of marble. Otherwise, a dead ringer:

It's so weird to be in a house now. You start looking at everything a little differently; or at least paying attention to different details. I notice people's doorknobs now and lighting fixtures. I notice shutters on windows and mailboxes. Shawn calls it "house porn;" we're totally fixated by lawn balls and tiki lamps because we want them for our own. I found myself pouring over the "hot" and "cold" faucet handles in restore as if it really made a difference in my life. But oh why can't we have lawn furniture????


Anonymous said…
what about the plantel? You forgot the Plantel. I vote for Plantel! oxo C