I Am Charlotte Simmons

That's the book we're reading for the September book club and though I've never read any other Tom Wolfe books, I dove right into this one and like it a lot. He has one line I read this morning where he describes a timid mother as "a lab rabbit" which I thought captured her perfectly.

More Fishtown news:

*Kali told me that there was a naked fifteen year old girl standing outside of Crazy Fish peeing the other night (this is the bar near the house where I've gone by myself and met a 58 year old guy who bought me a shot before going off to meet is young mistress. After he left, I had a conversation with an older lady who was drinking and smoking and she told me about how she had cancer). Later, a friend from work dismissed the naked kid, saying she had spotted a 40 year old woman naked and peeing outside of a bar in Center City, so maybe it's just a new fad.

*I am scared of teen boys in long white t-shirts. They're on every corner. Kali is not scared of them. She runs out of the house brandishing a rolling pin and screaming. She's happy to be known by the kids on her block as the insane lady.

*We stopped in the Lost Bar off of Frankford Avenue and met one of the bartenders who was very nice and offered to send out for pizza. They have a pool table and Ms. PacMan and an aquarium. We will most likely return.

*Gretel has become a wild cat. We were out in the back on Sunday and she squatted down to pee in the dirt and then buried it. Good girl!