five days off in a row and I feel like getting a second job

I was owed vacation time and then we have the fourth of July off anyway and so here I am in day three of a mini break from work, much needed in some ways though the weeks fly by. I don't really know what to write about today because I'm in a funk.

One funny but not so funny thing is this kid at work, John, was telling me about the crack whores in his neighborhood. He lives around 15th and Girard and he says that you can see the women, day or night, trolling the streets in tight spandex and little tops, sometime swith a titty hanging out. They always say something to him like, You want some, white boy? If he doesn't answer, they get more aggressive so he usually says something. There's one woman, Cookie, who walks around with her shirt yanked up in one hand and her pants yanked down with the other and she says, Give me some money for these! They take their customers to an abandoned building, crawling underneath this hole in the wall that they've covered with cardboard. John says the actual "Johns" are anybody--white or black, and not sleazy guys, just guys you'd pass on the street and not imagine giving twenty bucks to a strung out addict with missing teeth and jittery eyes to suck him off in a garbage infested abandoned building in North Philly. Go Eagles! (By the way, if you type "crack whore" into a Google image search engine, you get mostly photos of Courtney Love).