The Girl Who Dies with the Most Bones Protruding Wins

Seriously, I feel like it's a competition lately among the YAT (Young and Talentless) to see who can make it on the front covers of US Weekly and People because of their anorexia. They need to publish really gross pictures of people with anorexia--like, let's see the bald patch on the back of Nicole Ritchie's bubble head or the fur growing on the stomach of Keira Knightley or let's talk about how everyone in Hollywood has an eating disorder. Does no one notice that Nicole Kidman has for the last decade or so weight about 90 pounds and 5 pounds of that is her heavy curly hair? I can see a bunch of actor's agents talking to their clients, Look, just stop eating for like 3 weeks. We've got an awards ceremony coming up and you haven't been in the public eye for months! You need to shrivel up! We are going to need to see ribs and collarbones and I don't care what it takes.

Also, am I supposed to feel bad? I know Hollywood is competitive and cut-throat and you can never be too rich or too thin, but can't anyone figure out how to be attractive and healthy? Or thin but well nourished? Do yoga. Meditate. You have all this money, use it for something good


Liz said…
Amen. I've wondered that myself. All the women who disclose eating disorders (or deny them emphatically) get on TV and say "there's tremendous pressure to be thin". But if ALL the women are saying this you'd think they'd get together and decide that 5'9" and 105 lbs doesn't look good and refuse to BE it. If they ALL get to a healthy weight, directors will have no other option.

Yes, that is the union organizer in me talking...