Where Were We?

Oh, yes, Brooklyn. Two sad things I saw that angered me b/c I don't like to be ambushed by humanity in the streets:

1. A bicycle with a white basket and flowers tied to a post with a sign reading, "Jasmine Reynolds was hit by a truck and killed here on June 5, 2005." Why should I have to see that? I don't drive a truck or ride a bike. Liz suggested that it's a lesson to wear your bike helmet.

2. The Animal Kill Shelter had abandoned dogs tied up and cages full of upset kittens outside of the laundromat.
On the chopping block were: a friendly, skinny black dog, a disheveled cocker spaniel who barked all day until he was hoarse, a furry brown dog who had clearly given up. There were three black kittens, a long-haired gray cat, and a white cat with blue eyes. I thought about them on the way to work this morning--they probably all got adopted; tons of people walk down that street. In fact, Liz's roommate Paulette adopted the gray cat; so I guess I should be happy for them. When I was talking to Paulette about adopting the cat, I told her she better hurry because the card on the cat's cage said the animal would be exterminated in two hours. She stared back at me, startled. Later, I told Liz my idea that they should just threaten to assasinate the animals on the street to motivate people--like, this dog will be shot in two hours if no one takes her. Liz said that yes, that would cause her to adopt for sure.

Here is a link that you really must click on:


It's Stephen Colbert, formerly of The Daily Show reaming the president, the administration, and the press to their faces at a dinner this past weekend. Colbert is brilliant.

Okay, and here is a link Shawn found of photos from Fishtown, our new neighborhood:

And now I must report to work.