Things I Don't Care About

Lyndsey Lohan: I do not give a shit what designer bag this eighteen year old is carrying, who she is fucking, what drugs she's ingesting, or what other corporate-promoted celebrity she's battling. I saw her on the cover of Interview magazine today at Barnes & Noble and it made me distressed--it seems like all of the starlets who are in the news are bland, bland, bland. Hillary Duff and her sister, Celery, are so so so so boring. Ditto Jessica Alba and her collagen lips, ditto the talentless times two Simpsons, ditto the Olsen twigs, ditto Kiera Knightley who is like a blonder version of Winona Ryder. Maybe I'm just getting too old. That must be part of it, but it's also disgusting how celebrities are now the leaders of all things cultural, social, and cool--especially when they're primarily white, upperclass, largely under-educated and (unless you're still counting Alicia Silverstone and her love of animals) apolitical, and paid to set trends. They're even taking over fashion magazine ads more and more--like no one is going to buy a product unless it's seen on the body of an actress or celeb. Try reading Jane magazine these days--it used to have a supposedly feminist slant and now it's just like Us with swear words.