America's Next Top Flash in the Pan Almost Over

I haven't been watching the show religiously, but I do catch an episode about every other week. I love it because it's so obviously just a showcase for Tyra Banks who has at least 5 costume changes per show. The models are nice and not too shallow or stupid, but they do have these strange fake moments in the show.

Last week, they travelled to a beach in a country recently devastated by a natural disaster. The girls were exclaiming about how it was paradise! Tyra appeared at their bungalow to give a trite and rehearsed lecture about how wherever they may go as models, they should always know the history of the place and respect the culture even if it seems stupid. Then she suggested that they have a moment of silence to honor the dead people who washed up on the very shores they would be taking photos later that day. Tears welled up in the girls eyes. Two seconds later, they went shopping.

At the end, the girl who was discovered in the mall was cut from the competition for being the most awkward human being ever. Unlike The Bachelor, the models seldom cry when they leave. They pack their suitcases and say how much the experience has changed them (even though the whole thing happens in about 2 weeks real time).

The best is when I'm sitting on the couch eating potato chips in my baggy pjs and the undershirt with the sweat stains, make up smeared under my eyes and my hair greased back and say to Shawn, That girl really isn't all that pretty.