The Cutest Little Dog in the World

I remember about five years ago reading an article in the New York Times that mentioned a new breed of dog called a "labradoodle;" a labrador and standard poodle mix. I cut the picture out of the newpaper and stuck it on my fridge as a reminder to all of my friends that this is the dog they should surprise me with one birthday.

Who knew that years later, I would meet an even better breed of dog--the "goldendoodle;" a golden retriever vs. standard poodle. CAN YOU FUCKING BELIEVE IT? You take a really smart dog and mix it with a really sweet, lovable, and water-loving dog and what do you have? Perfection. His name is Bodhi--he belongs to Jodie's brother (I'm in Pittsburgh visting them right at this second). Bodhi wears a yellow bandana. He has long, cinnamon colored eyelashes.. I am going to dognap him before I leave.


Julie said…
We aren't speaking anymore - I was TOTALLY expecting to see a picture of Lina with a title like that. Disgusting.