Get Active! Wear a small button!

Shawn and I went to a neighborhood meeting in Fishtown on Monday held at this little church. We met some concerned citizens/political hipsters and both of us spent $1 on a button at reads "CasiNO" because we are opposed to the proposed casinos in Philadelphia and particularly the ones to be constructed near Fishtown. We were told to break into groups to brainstorm and I latched onto Shawn's shirt sleeve so he wouldn't escape and make me sit with a bunch of people I don't know talking about a topic I don't quite yet understand. We were in the planning group led by a guy named Jeremy with 1950s dad glasses, a shaggy haircut, and dimples. Shawn brought a map with him to illustrate his plannerly-ness. The meeting started at six and by quarter of eight, I was having flashbacks to being eight years old and forced to sit in the kitchen with my parent's while they played bridge with the McNally's. I just wanted to go home. I was surprised to find that Shawn felt the same and so we ducked out and went to eat at Johnny Brenda's where the food is far superior than what we're used to at the Royal and better too than the food at T. Mom. Later, this guy named William who had been at the meeting stepped up behind the bar. I said hi to him but I don't think he knew who I was. We are not popular yet (Dominic didn't even invite us to his Cinco de Seis party, despite the fact that we promised to bring pinatas filled with Brachs candy!)