Writing Class, Week 2

Barely paid attention to my online writing class on Monday night because The Bachelor was on at the same time and because I did not have a copy of the reading assignment with me. One suggestion the teacher had that seemed wise is to use our daily journal not just to write what happened in this diary-ish way, but to write in scene instead, to use it to hone our descriptive muscles and scene development. This week, the one-page writing assignment is to describe the action of a character from a third person perspective, the character going about her day engaged in a specific activity. My mind goes blank. I think of things like describing the woman at the Widow McCray's Bed and Breakfast, because there's a conflict there between her job (being a hostess) and her personality (not seeming to like people). I guess for today, I could just start with that. And try not to check my Facebook in the meantime.
The b& b experience comes to mind because it is so rich with contradictions and conflict. The unhappy hostess, the other host who talked too much and who likely told everyone the same story each week, how the b&b came about, how hard it was to pay the taxes, in hopes of what? The somewhat cramped accommodations, how the woman announced that our room was the only one without a TV, how I asked for water and she seemed offended and said I could get it out of the tap as it was just as good as bottled water, the cluttering of un-charming antiques, that one could easily pick up at the flea market, including a wooden rocking horse and an old rocking chair with a needlepoint cushion.