Happy New Year and all

I have made no new years resolutions, other than this nebulous one that says I will write more, or try to write every day and also try to write a blog post at least three times a week. I am so easily distracted, my mom said that she thinks I have ADD and maybe she's right, I can always think of something else I should be doing or looking up or checking.

At this moment, I am contemplating whether or not to relocate to the living room where Dan is watching something and then I'm also distracted, wondering if I should ask him what he's watching, so I could be more specific. Or is this chair to low and so perhaps I should get a cushion to improve my writing and posture and also, I just sent a text to Luke recently, asking him if I should feed Bob, the frog, and I'm not sure if he wrote back yet, so I should probably check that too. 

A constant struggle, all day long, to stay focused so that I can finish a task. If it's a household chore I need to do (laundry, unloading the dishwasher), it seems that I must do it immediately--that is one way to motivate yourself into doing something unpleasant-wish--find another task that seems even more unsavory.

The upside of being chronically distracted is that you can allow yourself to take a break from a blog post about having no attention span to take a short tutorial that will teach you how to add images to your blog using a Surface. So, okay, perhaps the other way to look at this trait of doing too much at once is to reframe it to say that I have an active and curious mind, and, that rather than this being a symptom of procrastination, perhaps it's a symptom of always wanting to learn something new. How's that?