Season Premiere of Upstairs, Downstairs Revisited

By a stroke of luck, I happened to see in the paper today that the première of season 5 of DA is on tonight. I have little to no recollection of how we ended the last season. Was that when Matthew died? Are we going to be forced to see Shirley McClain again? Have they killed off the wife yet, so we don't have to watch the bad acting of Elizabeth McGovern? I believe where we left off was that Anna suspects her husband of murdering the man's maid who raped her.

I missed the first five minutes, but here we are, with Edith visiting the poor farmers who have her illegitimate baby girl, now age two. She leaves crying and wheeling her bike. Maggie Smith has made friends with dead Matthew's mom (it's going to take me a while to remember their names, perhaps all season).

That blond cousin will not leave Downton and she will likely continue to slut up the place. I can't keep the alliances straight. I really should've done a refresher course in the characters.

Lord Grantham is meeting with some town trash who want to have some of his land, including a guy with a super scarred face, to remind us that there was or is a war going on. Mr. Carson has been asked to be the head of a committee and he doesn't seem too keen on it. This pisses off Lord Grantham, but he stuffs it down inside.

The costumes are not to be believed. I do not think the dog will play any more of a role this year than he has in the previous four. Dan said he thinks Elizabeth McGovern has taken acting lessons, but I beg to differ, my darling.

Lady Rose appears to be graduating from elementary school. Edie talks to Mr. Drew who has her girl. Oh, maybe she can get together with him and then she could have her daughter back. They will have to kill off the wife though. The chauffeur likes a very plain looking school teacher. I remember thinking that maybe he would end up with Mary.

Maggie Smith has a perm and is entertaining the town doctor.

My God, the house is huge.

Daisy is studying to be an accountant to better herself. I wonder how old we're supposed to think she is? Fourteen? Twenty-five?

There will be very few photos in my blog until I figure out how to open two windows at the same time on my tablet.

Who is this Lady Shackelton? Maggie wants to know from her how well she knows the doctor? I can't follow what's going on. Does she like the doctor or is she setting him up with the other, older lady? Pride and Prejudice reference noted.

My guess is that Daisy is dyslexic, but it won't be diagnosed for another 75 years.

Oh, yes, the false friendship between Mary and Anna, where Mary asks for Anna's advice while Anna folds her socks and removes her necklace.

Lots of dishes on the table.

I think I shall put this aside now, for ice cream.