Downton Abbey:Wherein a small lady is Introduced or maybe she will be a minor character and she's just a friend of the director's

I am confused by all of the maids mingling with all of the gentry as they are trying to work together to figure out how to create a better cricket field or something. Who is this little midget lady? Daisy's mum?

James the footman is kicked off the show for getting caught having sex with the actress who played Ducky in Four Weddings and a Funeral. Jimmy says he's grateful that he and the gay footman have become friends, because he didn't expect to be able to relate to a proper dandy. He wishes him happiness, saying in not so many words that he hopes he finds a boyfriend.

My mother explained to me last week that Eddie set the fire in her boudoir on purpose, as she is desperate to be near her illegitimate baby who is being raised by a volunteer fireman. After lunch, she goes over to see the baby, who someone named Marigold. She and the husband are in cahoots to try to manufacture a reason for Edith to be around the baby more and the adopted mother does not like it.

I wish I could figure out how to open up a new window and so search for images.

Lady Mary has agreed to go away on a sex weekend with this guy and she has asked her best friend and lady's maid, Anna to go up to Ye Olde CVS to purchase the rubbers for her. She agrees, because what choice does she have? The exchange is awkward and I can't tell whether she bought condoms or a cervical cap made of old-fashioned material. Did they have them back then?

The wireless has been introduced. Lord what's his face says it's just a passing fade. How wrong he is!!!

The two older ladies are having lunch with the elderly doctor. I wonder if one of them is supposed to have a. crush?

My guess with this Anna/condom plotline is that her murderous husband will discover the contraception, think his wife is cheating on him, and then try to kill her too. I hope that doesn't happen. That would make the show like a soap opera.

Here is a cameo by a famous actor (Andrew Cummings?) who I should recognize but whose name escapes me.

I believe I will stop writing now to see if I can try to catch up on what is really happening--this is a bit harder to follow than The Bachelor.