Without Downton, There is No Reason to Live

Or rather, I have no reason to blog on Sunday nights. And I will not be watching the Oscars, as I haven't seen hardly any of the movies, and hate the whole thing; from the awkward conversations on the red carpet to the falderal with the entertainment full of high kicks to the badly read cue cards by people I admire to the gushing acceptance speeches and the swelling of the music to get them the hell off the stage. I am sure Ellen DeGeneres will be good, but I do not care. Okay, so I did see Captain Phillips, Her, and Blue Jasmine, but that's it. I missed out on all the kids movies (Crood, Frozen, Despicable Me). I just looked all that up, lest you think I'm more tuned in to this nonsense than I pretend to be.

Last week after Downton, we watched part of another show on PBS--but now I can't find it. It was a British show about detectives trying to figure out who slit the throat of a quadriplegic and then also killed rapist. I can't recall what it was called. Something like DQ? Okay, Google is the best. I just put in the phrase "show about detectives trying to figure out who slit the throat of a quadriplegic and then also killed rapist" and the show came up. It's DCI Banks, an Inspector Banks show. Very good, I thought--it had one of those good detective moments in it and the murdered turned out to be (two second spoiler alert) the female coroner--you never suspect the coroner!

So where do we go from here with our Sunday nights? (Excuse me, but do we really need a countdown clock to the show? Okay, I confess, the red carpet portion is on TV).

Instead, we're going to watch one of the nominated films, named after my home state, Nebraska.

"What's Juan Pablo doing tonight?" Dan asks, apropos of nothing. We will find out tomorrow on the live Ladies Cry and Tell All show.

If I have time, I'll give you my take on Bruce Dern's performance in Nebraska (he's nominated for best actor. He's the dad of Laura Dern, right? I am NOT Googling it!).