I Heart Oprah

It's probably uncool to like Oprah, especially now that she's become a corporation mega multimillionaire with her OWN channel, but I don't care. That network plays a lot of 20/20 detective shows that I love and it's also host to one of most interesting and disturbing documentary projects I've ever seen, Lindsay.  Last night, we saw more footage of Lilo not wanting to be filmed, and bawling out her personal assistant for not doing his job, even though the reason he can't do his job is because she won't meet with him. Their conversation about him not having her clothes arranged the way she wanted them to be done went something like this:

Lilo: (folding one of the 5,000 Valentino sweaters she has never worn): And then look at these piles of clothes. Like, you just put them on the floor and they're not even color-coordinated. Like, I should've had a personal closet organizer do this instead of you and now I'm, like,  having to do it myself and it's compromising my sobriety.

PA (with circles under his eyes): If we had been able to talk about it before you moved in like I asked, I could've hired a closet organizer for you. I can actually get one for you right now.

Lilo: That's not the point! Am I paying you? You don't have to have such an attitude about it.

PA: I don't have an attitude about it, but we need to have talk for me to be able to do my job.

Lilo: Oh, so now you're in charge? Now you're going to tell me what to do and pay me to put away my own clothes?

PA: Five minutes. I just need five minutes every morning and every evening and we'll be good.

Lilo: Stop patronizing me or I'm going to smoke crack!

The whole show was like that, with Lindsay blaming everyone and saying she couldn't face all the chaos of making the documentary and how it wasn't the show she signed up for and she doesn't want to talk about her struggle to stay sober, and how this paparazzi person took a picture of her going to an AA  meeting and it's all because of the documentary. In actuality, reporters would be trailing her whether she was filming a documentary or not, and she should actually see it as a plus that they're taking pictures of her trying to stay sober, as it shows she's serious about not drinking. All of this nonsense went on and then they showed Oprah on her way to meet with Lindsay for one of her scheduled check-ins.

The instant she sat down with Lindsay, the whole dynamic changed and Lindsay became this penitent, quiet person as Oprah said something like, The most important thing is you're sobriety, and if you are not ready to do this, that is completely okay with me. And Lindsay said, in a tiny voice, No, I want to do this. And Oprah said basically that Lindsay knows how to behave, knows how to be a professional, knows what's expected of her and if she wants to succeed, she has to keep her commitments and cut the bullshit.

I don't know--there was something about what she said that struck me, because I feel like I do the same thing to a lesser extent; like, make all these excuses about why I'm not writing more, when the truth is, I know what I need to do. It's simple. It's ass in chair. It's getting up every day and writing. It's also writing at night, even when I would rather veg out. There's no magic about it and no mystery. It's just a question of whether I want to just say I'm a writer, or if I actually want to be one. I know what I need to do. And so, yes, I love Oprah for her no nonsense and logical and to the point approach. I also think she was the best thing in The Butler. Whenever she was on screen, I only watched her. I'm a fan, even if it's not hip to say so.