Has Anyone Heard of this Show Called "Breaking Bad?"

Due to massive amounts of pressure form numerous sources (and the fact that the only other available TV entertainment on last night was CSI and Amityville Horror), Dan and I rented the first episode of Breaking Bad last night. I'm a late bloomer, I'll admit it. Growing up, my family was always about five to seven years behind any current trend. So, like, we didn't get a microwave until 1999 or a VCR until well into the DVD years and I got a cell phone just two week ago.  Okay, these are all examples of how we were behind the times in technology, but generally, I am not a band wagon type and usually get to things late, like boys. I didn't get kissed until the 11th grade (I blame my Tootsie-style Coke bottle eyeglasses as part of the problem), and I still have never been married--I imagine I'll catch up to that in my fifties. So, when BB was all the rage, I missed it. I'm sure I flipped past an episode or two, but I never watched one, even though I was vaguely pleased that  the dad from Malcolm in the Middle had another acting job.
We watched the pilot show last night. I liked it. Dan had no idea what it was about, so he was surprised by the crystal meth lab, but otherwise, we were both into it. Not into it, into it. I mean, we didn't stay up all night watching the entire first season, but we liked it well enough. I am sad that the guy is dying, but also I happen to know that he has five more season to struggle through, so it's not imminent.

Please do not ruin it for me, all of you people who are on the pulse of popular culture and know how it ends. But I am telling you, after all of the hype I've heard about the show, if it doesn't change my life, I will be disappointed.