TBT: FSU Roommates

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

When I was in undergrad at Florida State, I lived with three other girls in an adorable house on Tharpe Street. The exact address was 1734 Tharpe Street (I think??). The house had three bedrooms and two bathrooms, a big kitchen and living room, a yard, and driveway also large enough to accommodate four cars. I think the rent per person was something crazy like $150 per month. I shared a bedroom with Lauren and we actually had bunk beds--I don't know who gave us those--but she slept on the bottom and I slept on the top and only once did she have to tell me to get rid of the guy I brought home.

I think we lived together for three years; maybe two with Michelle, and then she moved to Chicago (where I later went--see a previous TBT post); but while we were all together, we got along very well and were able to throw an annual Halloween party for our various friends and theater majors. In the photo above, we have dressed as the four seasons. God knows where I got that dress---maybe my mom made it? Lauren B. is next to me (she's summer, wearing a dress that may have been a left-over from one of her Tri Delt events), then Becca B. (as fall--she hot-glue-gunned the leaves herself) and Michelle N. (with whitened face and blue lips and a wreath of pine). I think at this particular party, I kissed three or four different guys--two theater boys and some else's ex boyfriend and maybe one other. Hey, as Spring, I believe my central role was the promise of something better.

Those were some great girls. We didn't keep in touch because I am terrible at that, but I love them dearly still.