What Happened Here?

Last Saturday AM, as I was dutifully walking to the gym, I passed this guy on the sidewalk:

I don't know how many details you can see from this photo, but just a few things of note. He's not homeless. He's nicely dressed and appears to have just camped out on the front sidewalk. He eyeglasses are perfectly arranged on his face--like, he didn't climb into the sleeping bag so chaotically that they are askew. He has a pillow. Someone went ahead and delivered the newspaper right next to him without waking him up. The other interesting thing that you probably can't see is that there is cat food strewn all over the place. That red bowl on the step has cat food in it and the rest of the Miaow Mix you can kind of make out sprinkled across the sidewalk.

So, what happened? I'm pretty sure that alcohol was involved, or else maybe it was some kind of What Would You Do scenario set up by hidden cameras. Would you stop and make sure this guy was okay or would you take a picture and keep on going? I chose option B.


Personally, I think he had a fight w/his significant other and this is the city version of the "doghouse." That would explain the scattered cat food. I mean, what cat wouldn't get scared to realize she's eating in the doghouse?

BTW, you chose wisely. LOL
PinkPanthress said…
If it was in the middle of the day, I first would have taken a pic of him, then asked if he was okay...

But If I sniffed somekind of Bull-shittery in the Air, like someone was pulling my leg, I would have left him there & just gone my own way. :D
where was this?