5 Things in My Office Today

Being way behind the times (always), I just bought this app that allows you to take the pretend good pictures--pictures that have a kind of old-timey flair to them. I don't quite understand how it is that you get other frames around them or how you zoom in or zoom out with the lens. For $2.99, it seems kind of static. But here's what you might find around me.

First is my name spelled out in tacks, which Nicole (who used to have this office) made for me, so that I will never, ever forget how to spell it.

This is a photo of the photos on my windowsill. The naked baby in the middle is my mom in a washtub with her mom beside her. 

This is a painted army guy that Jason gave to me. I have three of them. 

A chocolate ballerina from Casey. When I showed it to Bart's little boy, Miles, he warned me not to let a dog eat it because it could poison him. We sometimes do have dogs here, so it was a good tip. 

Books, mostly about writing fiction. I steal from these when I teach my fiction writing class.

Which reminds me, I just checked out a new book yesterday by Benjamin Black (a pseudonym for  John Banville) called A Death in Summer. I read a review about it in Tuesday's New York Times and then was able to find it at the library here--I do love the Penn library.