Happy Birthday, Trina: Here are Some Crappy Pictures to Remember it By

My friend Trina had a birthday celebration on Friday--happy hour at the Continental at 18th and Chestnut. We got to meet her family and her other friends. I tried 3 of their speciality martinis: the Astronaut (unremarkable), the Tang (wherein the martini is rimmed with actual Tang), and the Twizzler (red, has a tight circle of Twizzlers as the garnish). I probably wouldn't order those again; only because they were so sugary and easy to slurp down and because I felt like I wasn't wearing the right outfit to be drinking a martini. Trina, however, fit right in. Here she is with the waitress (behind her) about to ask her if she would like the $500 check now or later.

Lisa and Trina. These photos are pretty bad and for that, I blame the mobile app.
Lisa and Casey. Casey bought me the Tang martini. Thanks, Casey!
A few of Trina's family--that's her mom to the far right; you could tell that right away because they look so similar.
And Fanny and Trina, contemplating a stack of shoestring fries (I think?).
I took a few more, but didn't add them there, because they were taken post 2 martinins, which means they were things I, at that time, thought would be interesting, like Lisa's toenail and a blurry martini glass and a speck of dirt on the floor. I'm hoping someone else was more responsible in documenting the event.