Near (though not on), the Street Where I Live

In trying to keep the blogging streak for the week going, I took some pictures on the the way from the gym to work this morning. These are places or things I frequent or see pretty much every day, which I know my mom will appreciate.For example, we have Urban Jungle, a fairly newish development on Passyunk Avenue. I go in there periodically to admire the plants, flowers, sculptures, fountains, wind chimes, and bird houses. I like the idea of the possible things I could do to my back patio.

Liz and I eat breakfast here sometimes after working out. They have good coffee and they also have a jar of dog biscuits for your pups.

A potted plant. I don't notice this every day, but I thought it might be a cool photo.
Tasker Street, heading toward the Broad Street subway line. I have been going to the gym in the mornings for the last couple of weeks. We'll see how long that lasts. It is nice to have working out portion of my day done first thing in the AM.
The gym. Mostly, I just to the elliptical machine and watch bad TV. Pretty much at any time during the day on any given station, you can catch a movie with Drew Barrymore or Adam Sandler in it. I think I've mentioned this before, but it holds true.

The subway stop.
Okay, this is mean, but I can't help it. I see these two guys almost every day, either in the morning or after work. They must work together; I don't think they're partners, but they do travel to and from work together each day. The amazing thing is that the guy on the left side where's the same pair of Gap 1969 jeans every day. Or maybe it's one of 17 pairs of the same exact jeans that he owns, but every single time I've seen him, he has had these type of jeans on, with a shirt nicely tucked into the back. Today, I sat behind them and the subway and listened to them discuss some kind of video game or other; one asked the other guy how many lives he had left. I may be obsessed.


I LOVE your blog! It's gorgeous! And I'm a huge junkie for pictures so I'll be hopping by here lots. Thanks for stopping by mine! Also, are you on twitter? I looked for a button but couldn't find one. If you are, follow me and I'll follow back: @aghowardwrites. See you in the blogasphere. :)