Painting Project

Do you like the color blue? And the color known as "sunflower?" If so, you may like the direction my patio's going. Here is the side exterior wall---looks pretty bad at the moment.

Oh, and this is one of the two garden decorations I got at a yard sale (2 for $5). I painted it. See if you can find the bunny.

A bird that the former owners left for me, which I also painted. It's the blue bird of happiness, ya'll.

Here, you can at see how the two colors might work together. You can't tell completely from this picture, but the yellow has a little more of an orange coloring to it.

One of my jobs was to go around and paint into the cracks so that it was easier to roll over the rest of the brick.

Very little assistance from the animals.

They love being out in the heat for some reason.

We only got one coat up and it needs another to be finished, but once that is done, we can start doing the fun stuff like fixing the light fixtures and getting an outdoor rug and maybe some new  patio furniture and putting mosaic tiles down around the brick planter. Just in time for winter probably!


PinkPanthress said…
Very summerish colour-combo!
I can, in fact, even see 2 rabbits. ;)
It looks great! You know, you could let the kitties step into the paint and put their pawprints all over the ground. That could be their contribution to your masterpiece. :)