No More Going Outside this Summer

That's because it's ridiculously hot outside.I heard something on the radio today where they distinguished between the actual temperature and what temp. it would feel like outside. Like, actual temp is 98 degrees, but it will feel like 110 degrees..." I walked partway to work today, which was a mistake. By the time I got in, my hair was wet with sweat.

But never mind about that. I like this door.

Here is a cat eclipsed by the reflection from across the street.

A noble looking dog protecting his home.

And a cat with very yellow eyes.

And now, I will go dunk my head in a vat of cold water.


I want that door, too! Fight you for it... er. Nah. How about we share some lemonade instead? LOL.

Eeps about the heat wave. Today was upper nineties here and I thought I was dying.

TGF air conditioning!
Hrm. I tried to post on here yesterday and thought I left one, but oh well! I'll try again today. I love that door too! It's beautiful. Kind of makes me sad that we don't have pretty streets and architecture where I live. I mean their nice, but there's no personality. Your haunts have personality. So GO YOU! Oh, and take some cold lemonade along next time. :)