Everyone is always listening to something on the subway or looking at their phones or somehow multi-tasking and checking out. I do the same thing.

I like a man who blushes (or is it just a sunburn? Hard to say).


He's looking right at me, right?

I always duck to the back side so that I don't have to walk with so many people and feel like I'm going to accidentally be pushed off onto the tracks.

I see this couple all the time. They're very affectionate, always kiss goodbye at this juncture where she goes toward the trolley and he heads up the stairs.

I believe I caught this photo in mid hair flip.

All of our faces look like this early in the week during the morning commute; slightly sad and sleepy. 

Trolley on its way.

One more week left in my art history class. I didn't show anyone these photos when I had my presentation, because I figured that it would come across as even flakier than usual. I did almost have a panic attack when I realized that the two other women who were presenting had academic papers in front of them. They both had written about 12 pages of mostly completed academic writings along with their PowerPoint presentation, and they read the out loud to the class. Meanwhile, I had a slide show with a few notes attached to it. I felt massively unprepared and frightened--was that what the professor expected and wanted? Because I didn't do a paper. I started my research and started my writing, but I was nowhere near where the two other women were. When it became my turn, I said, "I've been trying to think of ways to get out of this, like maybe faking a seizure or my own death..." The professor was very nice--he said not to worry about it and then he was really engaged with the presentation. Leading up to that moment though, I seriously considered whether or not it would be possible to drop the class.