Weekend Life in Princeton

While Dan is attending Luke's holiest of holy communions today at the Saint Christ's Church of the Apostles of the Cathedral Within the Body of the Lord, I'm sitting in the Small World Coffee in the heart of Princeton (Padhraig refers to it as Third World Coffee). Not much happening here--a few academics arguing, a guy reading a book and cleaning his glasses, an obnoxious three year old boy who's talking too loud, and no visible places to plug in the laptop, so I just watch helplessly as the power drains out of the computer. Luke's ceremony has just started, so I have an hour or more to kill and then we'll got out for breakfast with Dan's mom and aunt. Luke's mom is throwing him a communion party at her house. I will not be attending. Dan is bringing a video camera to capture the memories. I'm very curious about what it will be like. Here is my current view:

Later, we will have Luke and probably go eat at Whole Foods and maybe rent a movie from the library. Someday, I hope that I will actually start writing again. I'm thinking about taking a summer writing class at Penn--but it meets two nights a week. Could I manage that? Yes. Am I lazy though? Yes.