More Subway + a Writing Link

Not necessarily in the above order. Here is a link to my latest writing column in Philadelphia Stories. It's about being more aware of using place/setting in your stories. You will heart it!

And more subway photos from this morning's commute.

Tired traveler. I like his bag though.

This is what the subway looks like pulling into the station.

And here it is before.

A man walking by me.
A crabby woman sitting next to me. She kept looking over at me and frowning. Maybe she knew I was photographing her and it didn't make her happy. People on the subway rarely smile.

Totally stylish.
This man is hailing the subway. Thank God, or it might have gone right by.

I feel like I've taken her picture before. Was she the one reading The Informationist? Not sure.

He had a giant diamond earring and drank an energy drink. It's what he's in the process of pulling out of his bag in this photo.

I like these boots, though I would never be able to wear them because I would fall over.

Speaking of difficulties with shoes, she couldn't walk in these. They were cute, but it looked as though she were hobbled.

Temperature: 31 degrees. These were high school students. I must be getting old b/c I was thinking that her skirt was way too short. It is though, right?

I will try to get a better photo of this bag on another day--I saw this girl again this morning. You can't tell from this photo, but the people figures on the bag have their names embroidered over their cartoon heads. I can't imagine why someone would carry this around; it must have sentimental value?


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