Friday Photos

Sadly, Easter is over, but the decorations still live on. Stay tuned for Memorial Day and hundreds of flags to come.

This cat reminds me of Ernesto. He is totally enamored of a bird on the wire above him.

Dogs in windows.

We went to Gettysburg last weekend and I took a total of three photos. I am not much into the history of the Civil War.

Multiply this view by 100 and you've seen all of Gettysburg.

Here is a real life Civil War re-enactor. We got into a little bit of trouble for listening to him, because, as this blond woman explained, it was a paid tour and we hadn't paid.

I took this picture yesterday of a window near my neighborhood that just happens to look like everything we saw in Gettysburg.

The Christmas-all-year-round house.

Penn gave city-dwelling staff trees as part of their sustainable effort. Isn't that amazing? I got a dogwood.

Dan and I have since ripped out the lattice work in the backyard and the tree has leaves.

Not a very threatening looking dog if you ask me.

Fuzzy cat.

My artistic cat picture showing urban blight and disdain, but yet also, the hope offered by a fake rose...........