We saw a man get on the trolley today who looked like he had just done a Picasso before breakfast by searing off his ear with a butter knife and then patching it up with what appears to be a brown grocery bag.

The man nearest him had a birth mark on his neck. I wondered if he knew about it (probably) and how much it bothered him to know it was there (hopefully not much. I found it to be endearing. I like a little physical vulnerability in men. A little--I don't want to beat them in an arm wrestling match or anything). I did, however, have a great urge to tuck in his sweater tag.

The long view.

We saw this man too and Dan said, Oh, look, he's reading the letter (in reference to my project on Sophie Calle's Take Care of Yourself, where all of her photographs are of women reading a break-up email letter she received). I can't wait to include this in my final portfolio.


Anonymous said…
Aimee said…
Tried to cut off his own year.
Anonymous said…
I promise I'm only this obnoxious under the cloak of anonymity. In person I would just smile and nod.