Because My Mother Told Me To

Got an email from my mom today, reminding me that it has been over a week since I've posted a blog entry. Maybe that's because we have a new official work blog that I've been managing and so I don't have much energy to think of creative entries. But, I do have subway photos from last week, so there's really no excuse not to just put those up. I also had my presentation of Sophie Calle last night. I was slated to go third in line. I started to feel really uncomfortable when I realized that the two women in front of me had typed up pages...Both of them read fairly finished, polished papers. Meanwhile, I had a PowerPoint with some notes and photographs. NOT a finished piece. I started fantasizing about running from the room and then just dropping the class or asking the teacher if I could go another day. But, when it came time for me to go, I explained that my presentation was going to be more conversational, and he said it was fine. He was actually very supportive of what I was saying, and amused by the work, so it turned out fine, despite the hour-long anticipation of utter failure in comparison to the conference paper presentations of the other two.

I didn't mention my Sophie-Calle inspired subway project. Here is a rough looking man and a beautiful woman. Will the twain ever meet?

South Philly women--I forget what they were talking about, but I like the woman's black hair piled on top of her head.

A ginger. This one is for Leigh Ann.

I wish this photo had turned out better. He looked so preoccupied and handsome.

Panic as the train arrives.
Two guys got on the trolley, thinking the driver could break a $20, as they didn't have anything smaller. The driver said no. They asked this lady if she had change for a $20. She said she would sell them 2 tokens for $10. Having no other choice, they said okay. Way to profit off others vulnerability, lady.

Is she looking at me? Does she know that I'm taking her picture? Seems like it.