My Creepy Blog

Liz happened on my blog recently and said she wasn't sure what I was doing with all of these subway photos of people. I haven't yet had the chance to let her know that I was doing it in part for my art history class, which is now over. I turned my paper in on Tuesday. I think that it possibly sucked. I also gave him a few samples of the subway photos. I think I might keep doing it, because I actually enjoy being a voyeur in this way.

Here are some more for you to creep out over. This girl is actually using an eyelash curler on the subway. 

She's with it.

There is just no way this guy doesn't play some kind of horn.

I think I've seen this woman on the subway before. She looks sad to me.


They can't know I'm taking their picture though, right?

These kind of photos really appeal to me for some reason.

Obligatory shot of my own shoes, as is done by every 16 year old with a new camera.