Late Friday Photos

I saved all of these to my computer, but just haven't had time yet to put them up.

Here is a cranky-looking robin.This picture makes me sad, because I think maybe this bird couldn't fly. I noticed it wasn't moving that much and so I walked toward it and it just kept speeding away on its feet; never flying. I stopped when I realized that people were passing by and perhaps wondering what I was trying to do to the poor bird. But he could be fine. I don't know why I would choose to think that he wasn't.

If you click on these photo of the tree, you will find dozens of birds hidden among the branches.

 Double Easter fun.

A staircase littered with stuffed animals who look like they've just offed themselves.

 Side view.

 Side view.

How much does this kitty love me?


 A window rife with rabbits.