What a Seven Year Old Takes Pictures Of

I forgot that Luke was playing with my camera last weekend, taking pictures. Here is what he thought would be good to capture. His racetrack with the red rubber lizard on it.

A book. Not sure why.
Detail of race car.

And the full side view.
Creepy ceiling spider. We didn't kill it. We just ignored it and prayed for it to go away.

His self-portrait.
Art I made once.
The Halloween decorations we were creating. This is mine.

These are his pumpkins representing the multiple personalities of Sybil.

Frogs, Shirley and Bob.

Oh, and this was a deer that was right by the car when we got home.

I took this one. This is me and Lisbeth today. We sent this photo to our friend in France.

And luckily, one cat photo.